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PHCAST Training: HOMEMAKER for Experienced Professionals Homemaker for Experienced Professionals is a Course

Homemaker for Experienced Professionals



Full course description

Homemaker for Experienced Professionals Training 


This course is for professionals who have prior experience as a Homemaker and would like to refresh or build their skills and knowledge. You can complete all eleven modules or choose the topics that interest you and complete only those modules. To earn a Certificate of Completion, you must complete all eleven modules, knowledge-check activities and earn 80% or above on the end-of-module assessments.



The course is organized into eleven modules:  

Module 1: Welcome and How to Use this Course 

Module 2: Roles and Responsibilities  

Module 3: Communication 

Module 4: Culture and Diversity 

Module 5: Healthcare Support 

Module 6: Nutrition 

Module 7: Housekeeping 

Module 8: Consumer Needs 

Module 9: Safety and Emergency 

Module 10: Consumer Rights 

Module 11: Life Skills 

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